What does a teacher Learn ? - Apples

Apples - an central Asian fruit that has now been spoken of more than ever. Although it's not like you would think of. It's true that an apple a day keeps the doctor away but if you read the history a little too carefully, you would see that an apple has been a milestone in many a challenging men's lives. Don't believe me ? Here, try answering this, I know you are smart, "which tree did Newton sit under to realize the force of gravitation?" Hell, one of the only company who is splitting stock and making profits even during the pandemic - you guessed it right, Apple. Well, we should not even get started on the apple that eve took a bite of at the dawn of time and well Steve caught the bitten apple right. During my travels, I too had an epiphany somewhat tied to apples. It was a long time ago, enough time for me to forget but it sits in my mind like it was only yesterday. It was back in 2018, in Chennai I had just spent a day at the beach on by break travelling to work. Things were perfect, almost as a surreal dream. The bright sun hit right through the broad and sweaty forehead but the company kept me cool. As the day progressed I could not have thought of a better ending until things suddenly turned wary. A bright and warm, sunny day had turned rather dark and gloomy by the evening and with it was the harbinger of bad news.

Dreary o' dear, did I lose my self when the news hit me, a strike of thunderbolt would have eased through my water conducting body easier. Shocked by the awry I sat waiting for my bus at the foot path near the stop in Koyambedu, a locale filled with at least a dozen people per sq foot. I have been judged before, I have had eyes filled with pity and condescension stare at me before and it bothered me but today, I was quite. My voice shaky and my eyes as red as they could get without being wet. See, the funny thing is as a kid I was told not to cry until it really mattered and over time I just lost the sense of why it mattered. There it was, out of the blue, of course an apple did not fall on my head.

A vagrant, sat by me and held my hand as I panicked. The crowd that did not care of a 22 year old crying on the street shakily wanted to help him get rid of the women holding him and calming him down. She pulled her other hand out of a bag ,as I held a breath almost ready to shout and throw a tantrum, and offered me an apple . Neatly washed and probably the only one she had. The gesture alone moved me to a point where I froze in silence and searched for words to say to her. The crowd had moved, and the women stood up to leave. I slept my way through the night to reach work in the morning but sleep was not becoming a trend on me that night. In my mind I kept repeating what she said, "Get into your bus and eat an apple, I will keep everything bad away from you. Here! ". That day since, a voice in my head pushes me to see the light in people, as someone sees in me. This has humbled me and motivated me to help as many students as I can reach over the time. I guess, you never stop learning. At least this teacher never stopped being a student.

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