The Resume Tinder Equivalency

Learning has always been an integral part of our life. From crawling, crying, laughing to knowing when to run,control our tears, or hold our laughter we have all learnt a ginormous ton of stuff. The easy stuff like running and cycling we learnt in a little while by the time we scraped a knee enough to get dettol, bandage and a beating from our parents.Most of us grew up as exceptional children, we were the best at everything in school. It was our routine to brag about all the cool achievements we had, like the first place in crayon painting competition of 3rd grade or may be being the office bearer/representative of your school. These achievements however sound so silly when you finally use them on your resume. Over the years, I have taught resume building to over 1000 kids and most ask me a simple question, what is the difference between curricular , co-curricular and extra-curricular activities? The harder question to answer is do we need to fill these in to get a job? So let me, for the benefit of everyone, explain the difference between the three terms.

"Curricular" refers to the subjects one learns in the duration of his classroom. Subjects like arithmetic , physics, economics, social sciences, arts all can be included under this umbrella.

"Extra-Curricular" encompasses the broad spectrum of the venn diagram that is a complement of the afore-mentioned subsets. Activities like dramatics, dancing, singing, marathons fall under the ambit of extra-curricular.

"Co-curricular" refers to the activities that enhance and complement the curricular activities such as a debate , an elocution, quiz, tech events like technotron and HackerRank etc,.

Now to answer the question, is it required to list them down to land a job ? NO !!!! The interviewers ideally have a profile of a candidate they want to recruit and the profile can be based on a number of factors. A few major factors are the qualities of an individual, ethics and values displayed by the individual, alignment of personal and professional goals with the goals of the company etc. A candidates achievements play a vital role in demonstrating in a limited time the ability of the candidate to have the exceptional qualities the recruiter is looking for. In most cases the only piece of communication you have with the recruiter before your interview is the resume sheet and hence it is natural to be insecure about sending in that perfect sheet.

To most millennials, the situation is comparable to the perfect profile they need to upload on tinder, that profile to them is the only way to have an actual shot at meeting the person of their interest. Your most photoshopped picture becomes your display picture, your minute achievements of making a maggi makes you a professional chef and if you have by mistake helped a friend in need your bio will shout out " Philanthropist". What happens when you get that right swipe and meet them out for coffee? Your potential partner comes hoping to meet the person they read about in the profile but in their stead they find the best alternative "you". Always remember, your resume is only going to be as effective as you are going to sound in your resume. The Indian job scenario drives students in a race to include information in their resume that they have a hard time justifying. You wanna know what percentage of resumes contain misleading information? It's estimated that 46% of resumes include at least one discrepancy between the information provided by

the applicant and what the employer turns up during a background check. (source)The data entered is never false but the experience that a student has received while attaining that is subpar. In a stiff competition where people are always eager to have more points tipping the scales in their favor you can add weight by simply following an alternate method. The one thing recruiters value most is being industry ready and experienced. Thanks to the online learning modules one can now, acquire parallel industry ready skills without having to pay a fortune. Simple things like MS Excel and MS powerpoint or proficiency in one programming language with a certificate from a reputed testing and certifying agency (like hackerrank) can boost up a freshers resume and earn them a few brownie points.

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