Is the Indian Education industry better now ??

Its overwhelming really, to see how the education system has undergone a quick and steady change without collapsing into a raze.The education system of a country inevitably faces certain challenges and it's in the best interest of the society to overcome these challenges. In the practice of traditional way of acquiring education related to a greater purpose of employment and in turn the well being of your loved ones. However in India, acquiring the right education has been a challenge. As Adam smith rightly pointed out

"when there is a free market, the invisible forces of the market will shape the quality and the price of the product",

the education in India has become nothing but a meaning-less commodity.To add to the woes of the student, parent and instructor community, COVID-19 disturbed the entire system that the patriarchs have put in place over the last 100 years. The entire "learning" module has been uprooted and in its stead came a rather appreciated "study-by-self" attitude. Now, that's great. It's almost like getting a scooty after riding a bicycle for years, but here is the problem,when you learn to drive a motor vehicle of any sort you fall, you bruise, you cry, you complain and then you get over it. That just sums up how your journey has been over the last one year.

The advent of online education has certainly improved the delivery of education, however it has not been able to inculcate the "need-to-do-it-now" attitude in the students and hence has not been able to deliver on the desired results. The objectives of learning to be honest are diverse and can be broadly categorized into three streams. "The Atheist Stream", this community believes in education to fulfill the requirements of general understanding and advancement of the civilization. The atheist stream focuses on the sciences - physical , social and literary. The second category to talk about is "The Theist Stream", this stream certainly believes in education to help youngsters develop a sense of right or wrong in the community and realize the ideals of God. The third stream is "The Civil Stream", believing in the innate necessity to acquire knowledge to sustain livelihood and maintain harmonious relations with each other This community focuses on understanding the various social sciences and identifies with the common law of nature and rule of land.

The immediate challenge the education system needs to solve is "lack of motivation to get the task done".

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