Combating High Functioning Depression during COVID-19

The first thing you get to hear when you say you are depressed is that it is okay, every one goes through it at some stage or the other and that you have to keep strong until it passes off. So, let me just start of by telling you. No! it's not okay. It does not get better and ha ha, for the sake of logic , it doesn't pass off.

What sets it off ? Well, that can be a little harder to know. May be a significant change in your life, may be a damaged routine or the loss of a loved one. No one can quantify the emotional and psychological trauma you go through in these situations. Aggravating the problem further is the onset of COVID-19. The rapid panic, the media acting as a harbinger of bad news and of-course the pain and demise of our loved ones. These have all acted as triggers pushing a huge number of people into high functioning Depression. So what are the signs and what do we do to be normal again ?


Psychologists associate HFD with persistent depressive disorder that is chronic depression, though it is not a risk to life it will drastically decrease the quality of your life. Those with HFD will socialize per need but withdraw as soon as the task is complete.

Being concerned with time: Despite you taking up new hobbies or job you keep thinking to yourself if pursuing the job is a fools errand. If you have wasted your time and wonder if the time invested into those activities are worth it ?

Constantly criticize your self: Your Expectations are too high affecting your state of mind and leading you to criticize yourself

Over thinking: It doesn't matter if the situation is big or small you usually over think it and eventually break down.

Feeling misunderstood: Since most people with HFD hold a steady job or run a home or have a hobby and are social, people underestimate how much anguish they are going through minimizing their feeling because they don't act like a typically depressed person.

Saddened: It's okay to be sad from time to time but persons with HFD feel saddened even during participating in an engaging activity.

Unhealthy Coping Strategies: Since you overwork yourself and don't value your work too much you deal with your stress by coping with alcohol or drugs. HFD patients create self destructive habits to clear their minds.

Excessive Past times: HFD patients usually indulge in gaming , binge watching series, movies alone mostly. Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with normally indulging in these activities people with HFD use these activities to avoid and create an alternate reality.

What can we do to kick HFD in the A** ?

Get Organised: HFD will mean forgetting important dates and sometimes not being able to make it to meetings on time. So buy an agenda or a planner and faithfully write down everything such as doctor appointments, insurance dates or assignment deadlines

Home organisation: De-clutter your self, anything that you don't have a use of in your home needs to be thrown away. Get some folders, colorful labels to keep similar items together. This will help you remember where you have kept your things and make you feel better about yourself.

Socialization and hobbies: Unlike hobbies that keep you occupied alone, people with HFD should consider small activities in groups. One can simple login to the google meets with friends and family and enjoy a movie. As social animals its a part of being sane.

Self Care: The problem with depression is that you lose all motivation to take care of yourself. I know you must have heard this a 1000 times before, but drink enough water, eat food that you like eating.Remember, what you eat is how you feel. Brush twice a day and take a cold shower when depressed, these elevate your mood.

Exercise and Hygiene: Exercising and Self hygiene improves your self esteem and self worth. Research shows that 30 minute a day of exercise for 4 days a week can be a significant improvement. But I personally know that when depressed you usually would not want to move an inch. So start of with something fun, just put on a song number, may be serious, may be star wars, may be an item number. If you can't dance then just jump until the song plays, catch your breath for a minute and repeat.


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