5 "S" words you need to know for CAT and GRE

Learning vocabulary is often considered to be a challenge for students. This often evolves from either not having a definite learning pattern or not having some one to share your words with. So, today let's first understand why we learn vocabulary and then try to learn 5 words. Learning new words is often the key to unlocking a new language. However, why should we unlock a new language remains a fair question. Picture this, you meet an attractive partner for coffee all thanks to tinder but unfortunately you can't talk to each other because you don't understand each others language. Doesn't convince you enough ? Wait, let me bring in Shah Rukh Khan from Chak De India, where his team almost fell apart because his players didn't understand each others language. So the main idea behind learning languages is not to speak in the new slang we have learnt to make people uncomfortable but to be able to understand others if they speak in a new tongue.

Now for the words!!

1. Sanguine :

Sanguine means optimistic, cheerful or hopeful.

Ex :"he is sanguine about prospects for the global economy"

2. Salubrious

Salubrious means something that is good for health or well being. It is also something that is socially desirable

Ex:"There were many salubrious eating establishments."

3. Sanctimonious

Ever heard people say that person has a holier than thou attitude, yeah well this is it.Sanctimonious means making a show of being morally superior to other people.

Ex:"what happened to all the sanctimonious talk about putting his family first?"

4. Saunter

If your mind is pacing now, let is rest a little, go to the corridor and saunter for a while.

Saunter means to walk slowly in a relaxed manner.

Ex:"Adam sauntered into the room"

5. Sequester

Sequester means to isolate or hide away. Honestly, if you are tired of hearing the word quarantine here's something to look out for.

Ex: "she is sequestered in deepest Dorset"

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