3 speeches that changed the world

Time tells us a tale, a that knows not one interpretation, a fable so rich in it's history it humbles us every time we listen to it. Time sure is a great raconteur but it tells its stories only in the voice of a wise and astute person. Through out history, there have been specific instances where in the speaker-protagonist's words echoed through the hearts of their admirers and transformed their lives forever. Today we are going to look at three such speeches that display an extreme prowess in terms of delivery of the message, style and obviously the support and wave of motivation it gives to the masses.

I am Prepared to Die - Nelson Mandela.

The South African government (ANC) tormented Mandela and others on multiple accounts. A lawyer by trade, Mandela was arrested and denied bail on the counts of sabotage, furthering communism and aiding foreign powers. This three hour long speech sends goosebumps down the listener's spine. The last line of the speech stands out and has been a frequent phrase " If it needs to be I am prepared to die". You can listen to this speech here .

E pluribus unum - Barack Obama

In 2004, Barack Obama in his key note to the Democratic National Convention and was elected to the US senate just three months later. In this mesmerizing speech Barack Obama Speaks highly of how his story was possible only because of the country he was born in. This speech is considered to be one of the great unification factor that made Obama a two term president and if he would have contested, with out a doubt, a three time president. You can read this speech here

The last speech I would be recommending you to go forward with in your reading for today is the Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale

This is a beautiful piece every student must read , or listen to. As an american author, Earl in his speech talks about how the chances or success or failures are always hidden in one's attitude. He talks about how success is a constant curve where the mind of an individual consciously and subconsciously dreams of a particular goal. This also tells us quite a bit about the habits not to develop in order to remain successful and the reinforces in the power of self belief. You can read his speech here

Picture Source: nightwatchsl.com , google.com

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