It's not learning alternate things to make a living. 

It's learning the right things the 
Alternate way !


This is me

Pradyumna Sarma

I have been a teacher for the last three years now and a student for as long as I can remember, in the pursuit of making knowledge accessible and learning fun I have wandered the lands seeking wisdom and I have learned from the best and the brightest. As a young entrepreneur I am proud to present to you AltLearn - an alternative way of learning and adapting to a healthier and brainier lifestyle. A communications engineer by trade, a craft I perfected at the Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore , only led me on a quest to simplify knowledge. 


I remember, clearly, a few of my closest friends had  a problem in retaining information, simple tiny pieces of data eluded them and their befuddled face always worried me. That day since I have been in a relentless path to simplify learning and make it not only more accessible but also more affordable. I would like to indulge your mind in a little thought by a very accomplished man, Dr. Albert Einstein, he once said "If you can't explain something simply enough, then you don't know it well enough."  


I believe education is the one thing that can truly connect us with one another. We as humans, need to be literate in order to grow,not for the society but for ourselves.

Over the last three years I have wandered all around south India learning and teaching skills to help the youngsters grow and have a better professional career. I have learnt through the thousands of students that I have interacted with,especially considering the wide contrast of their ages between 15 - 25, that learning is not enjoyable to them anymore. However, as a teacher I have seen the efforts put forward by my colleagues and I have to say it took me a lot of craft to change a seemingly small thing to create a ripple of difference in the learning abilities of my students. Over the years I have tried different strategies with different students and learnt an optimum way to make learning fun and intuitive to the student where as easy and exhaustive in content for the instructor. We hope these small changes in your life create a

ripple effect to grow the potential in you a 1000 fold. 


Thanking you

Pradyumna Sarma


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We are brand new and are ready to tackle the world education crisis one kid at a time. Join hands with us and be the tide that helps the waves.